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What is Affect Intelligence (AI)?

Life can be overwhelming and always moving fast. Or are you moving too fast and life is too slow. Either way, it truly matters what and how you feel and think now and tomorrow. This is Affect Intelligence (AI) .

Affect Intelligence (AI) toolkit. Designed to make you think and feel about life.

As a woman who has traveled around the world, I have often been amazed by how people think and feel about life in different countries or regions within countries. A bottle of water, which can be filtered or mineral or sparkling or pure, generates different emotions when hiking in Nevada vs waiting in an airport lounge in New York City. Or walking in Singapore vs walking in Toronto. It can be the same bottle and same ingredients. But people feel and think differently about it. Why?

Emotions matter

Humans are designed to elicit an emotion to any external stimulus. This is how we perceive the world.

Thinking follows Feeling

We are also rational creatures and our brains are triggered to engage with our emotions. We think after we feel. This leads to how we fight or flight to the new stimulus.

Why does it matter?

Everything is mix of feeling and thinking. And we are smarter than what we think we are as we are all tuned to be optimal and our best selves. We underestimate how good we are and overestimate how bad we feel.

Affect Intelligence (AI)

We introduce the concept of Affect Intelligence. It is designed as a toolkit to help you think and feel better. Learn why you think and feel in certain ways. And live a happy life by using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the other AI, as a friend to help you manage your affect intelligence.

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